Compensation Plans

You can select the compensation plan that accommodates your personal needs. 

Hundred percent commission programs with a monthly fee and maximum cap for the year

and variable split programs, depending on your production and expectation. 


Individual rates

Besides enjoying the RE/MAX 100% commission program by paying a fix monthly fee this option allows you to choose the space you deem necessary to adequately work. All space in this category comes equipped with private desk, phone and wireless/wired high-speed internet access, as well as full use of the general office resources.

 Team rates

Our TEAM option permits an agent to organize his/her own team, as well as the freedom to compensate those TEAM members as he/she wishes. This is a popular option for top producers to maximize their profit centers. 


Split Options with a minimum monthly fee and fix annual fee

This option considers different possible commission splits including "no fee" programs. The agent keeps his/her split until a fix annual fee is paid in split commissions. Afterwards, the agent keeps 100% commission for the rest of the calendar year. 

This is basically a traditional commission split program, except we establish a limit that you pay us within a calendar year. This is better for you, the agent, especially if you are unsure of your annual production level. We utilize this option to assist agents in looking at their career as their own business. This is a great “NO STRESS” option.

Besides the fees and commissions paid, the agent is responsible for the following additional personal expenses:

     E&O Insurance

     Franchise annual fee

     Board of realtors and other personal expenses and taxes MLS Fees

     Group and/or personal promotions / advertising

     Personal web site

     Long distance telephone calls (outside continental U.S.)

     Faxes sent (telephone charge if applicable)

     Personal consumables, printing and photocopies in excess to allowance

* 3.5% Broker service fee deducted from each closed transaction prior to commissions split.